Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christopher Jarratt vs Sebastian Bergne

A bit of a David vs Goliath firing showdown going on here (me being David..... help!).

"Up for grabs is a chance to own the winner of this minor showing-off contest.So, without further ado…. this weekend we’ll pit the honed and toned athleticism of Sebastian Bergne’s ‘BANDIT’ against the solid sturdy gumption of Christopher Jarratt’s ‘SLINGSHOT’ in a battle of firing skills including; accuracy, distance, impact, and blammo (not sure what that is yet, but we’ll think of something)."

If you’d like to take a punt at securing yourself the winner, each a fine example of British design and fun, then email Spunique with your name and a contact number HERE. The winner will be selected at random on Monday 17 October.